Avi Goldstein

New York

Avi Goldstein, CEO - New York

CEO and Founder of HotelRooms.com

Avi Goldstein, CEO and Founder of HotelRooms.com, is a pioneer in the travel website industry and remains a dynamic visionary today by creating new and valuable relationships between hotels and consumers worldwide. Before Goldstein found his footing as an innovator and entrepreneur, he attended Queens College and Touro College in New York, earning a degree in Business Management. Though he did not know at that time what career path lay ahead, he was always motivated to work hard, think outside the box, and sincerely believed that success would follow.

As the use of websites became ubiquitous around the turn of the millennium, Goldstein had the foresight to secure his place in that ever-evolving marketplace by purchasing domain names he felt had potential for growth. His taste in domain names ranged from the practical to the fantastical. Figuring that if he could not build a business around a clever, engaging name, someone else could. He was confident that there was always value in a good name. In doing so, Goldstein strategically carved out his own foundation for limitless possibility online. He launched HotelRooms.com in June of 2000. Of the domain names he controlled and pursued, the hotel rooms endeavor seemed to be garnering the best response. Once he saw that HotelRooms.com was a clear winner, he committed to it full time. A decade later, after incredible expansion and achievement, Goldstein launched Luxury Connections in June of 2010. Luxury Connections is a VIP travel site that caters to VIP flight and hotel accommodations offering renowned concierge, personal, and exclusive services at impossible to beat rates.

Goldstein never sought to be a third-party site. He did not want to be the middleman and left that saturated market to the Expedias and Pricelines of the world. When he created his model, it strived to work directly with the hotels, encouraging them to provide services that resembled an online hotel supermarket. It was his personal investment in speaking to each hotel that made the difference. In those early days, he was on the phone day and night negotiating terms with each hotel as he brought them aboard. Goldstein knew that hotels preferred to bypass Online Travel Agencies (OTA) and third-party travel sites. The hotels were always more interested in reaching the consumer directly, and Goldstein had given them a way to do that while being online.

In life, taking the initiative and not merely reacting to circumstances that may arise is generally good practice, but it applies even more-so in business.

The tourism industry is taking a big hit from the COVID-19 pandemic, as visitors to major tourism destinations dry up and more countries close their borders to foreign visitors.

Travel industry veteran, Avi Goldstein was recently featured in an exclusive interview with the highly popular online magazine for entrepreneurs, Ideamensch. In the interview, which covers the spectrum of Goldstein’s career, personal and business philosophy, and travel trends.

While 2020 is shaping up to be a tough year for many inside and outside of tourism, HotelRooms.com founder and CEO Avi Goldstein is confident that 2021 will see people begin exploring the world again and usher in a return to growth for the industry, though major change is also imminent.

Every highly successful business has its own unique story. Some were positioned for greatness at the outset, backed by limitless capital and name brand notoriety. Others had to scratch and claw to even get off the ground. What unites them all — to secure that upper echelon of achievement — is that none can afford to play it safe. Risk taking is part of the game. And in doing so, decision makers can only put in the time, commit to the research, play to their strengths, and pray.